About The Project

The Hudson Logistics Center  is being proposed at what is currently the Green Meadow Golf Club, an area that was noted to, “…offer perhaps the greatest opportunity for both commercial and industrial development in Hudson…” by the June 2018 Hudson Economic Development Assessment prepared by the Nashua Regional Planning Commission.

What is a Logistics Center?

Logistics Centers are hubs that play a vital role in America’s supply chain. Logistics Centers include buildings designed to efficiently store and distribute products around the region and ultimately to homes and businesses.

While a logistics center’s operations include automation, the need for humans is essential to run the systems and assist with storing, sorting and distribution. The Hudson Logistics Center will include what is known to the industry as best-in-class buildings.

Logistics Warehouse Employees

Hudson Logistics Center

The Hudson Logistics Center will preserve more than 230 of its 374 acres as green space, including significant natural buffers between the Merrimack River, adjoining neighborhoods and development.

The proposed development includes dividing the site into three lots accessed by one public and one private roadway. Each lot will have one distribution building with associated loading docks and parking.

Lot A

  • 1.07 million sq. foot distribution building
  • 98 loading docks
  • 404 trailer parking stalls
  • 1,008 car parking stalls

Lot B

  • 1 million sq. foot distribution building
  • 135 loading docks
  • 250 trailer parking stalls
  • 417 car parking stalls

Lot C

  • 522,000 sq. foot distribution building
  • 130 loading docks
  • 188 trailer parking stalls
  • 420 car parking stalls
Hudson Logistics Center Site Plan

Hudson Logistics Center Site Plan


Economic Benefits for Hudson

The Hudson Logistics Center is expected to generate more than $5 million each year in new property tax revenue for the town.

But even before the distribution center begins operations, Hudson and its residents will see impactful economic benefits during a 12-month construction period, which is anticipated to generate 833 construction jobs.

Once fully operational, the Hudson Logistics Center will be the town’s largest employer by nearly two times, creating 1,400 direct, 420 indirect and 574 induced jobs.

Direct Jobs are the ones created by the development or construction companies.

Indirect Jobs are the jobs created by the suppliers of materials used during construction or operation of the development.

Induced Jobs are the jobs created by direct and indirect employees spending money in the community.


Logistics Warehouse

Review Process

Since the property is zoned for the proposed use, Zoning Board approval is not required. However, the development must be reviewed and approved by the Hudson Planning Board and the Hudson Conservation Commission. Hillwood is scheduled to present its Hudson Logistics Center application to the Hudson Planning Board in May.

At the State level, the Hudson Logistics Center will be reviewed by New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT), the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Upon securing the appropriate permits, Hillwood anticipates beginning construction in Fall of 2020 and opening the Hudson Logistics Center in Fall of 2021.