Thousands of new jobs.

Millions of dollars in community improvements and new incremental annual tax revenue.

A major economic boost for Hudson – with benefits concentrated on the local economy.

The Hudson Logistics Center proposes three high-tech distribution facilities on the Green Meadow Golf Club property. In 2018, the Town identified this as a prime area for economic development.

The proposed development is expected to create 1,400 direct, 420 indirect and 574 induced jobs for the local community; it will also generate more than $5 million each year in new property tax revenue for the town.

And more than 230 of the site’s 374 acres will be preserved as green space – including significant natural buffers between the Merrimack River, adjoining neighborhoods and the development.


About Hillwood

The Hudson Logistics Center is being proposed by Hillwood, one of the leading independent real estate development firms in the United States.

Since its inception in the late 1980s, Hillwood has made significant positive impacts on the communities it serves by incorporating meaningful jobs, tax base and public infrastructure in its numerous large-scale distribution developments. From the remediation and reformation of sites with hazardous contamination to the development of a benchmark 21st century farming community, complete with active lifestyle amenities, Hillwood remains dedicated to building a brighter future.